Thursday, January 30, 2014

Want to Start Scrapbooking?

Answer yes or no to the following questions:
1) Do you take a lot of pictures but they sit on your camera, computer or phone?
2) Do you desire to do something with those photos so you can enjoy those moments instead of forgetting them?
3) Do you want to scrapbook, but don't have the time or want to invest too much?
4) Do you consider yourself a "non-creative" person?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions, then Close to My Heart is releasing the perfect products for you & I am going give you a sneak peak!!

Beginning on Feb 1, 2014, the Picture My Life product line becomes available. These are perfect for those of you who want to do something with your photos in a quick but crafty manner. 

There are eight (8) kits available in this line: Babycakes, Surf's Up, Laughing Lola, Avonlea, Later Sk8r, Chantilly, Skylark, & Balloon Ride.  Each Picture My Life kit includes:

  • 122 cards per kit (double sided)
    • 44 cards - size 4"x6", 2 each of 22 designs
    • 78 cards - size 3"x4", 3 each of 26 designs
    • 1 12"x12" cover page
  • 10 Protectors
    • Design 3 - (3)
    • Design 4 - (3)
    • Design 5 - (3)
    • Side Load 12x12 - (1)
Below is a preview of the six of the Picture My Life collections, giving you an idea of colors and images.  They are theme specific and are exclusive to everything you love about Close to My Heart.

The awesome thing is, if you like the colors, you don't have to stick to that theme - i.e. Babycakes colors and cards DON'T have to be used for babies! The Picture My Life kits were designed to be a jumping off point and can be mixed & matched.

WOW right?! The Picture My Life kits were aesthetically designed to get you the most bang for your buck. The ideal layout is a mix of 1/2 cards and 1/2 photos. Let me break it down further in some stats - if you filled all the slots with:

  • a single card (single sided), you'd use 75 cards
  • a mix of 50/50 cards and photos, utilizing just one card per slot, you'd use ~40 cards
  • a mix of 50/50 cards and photos, utilizing two cards per slot, you'd use ~80 cards

Additional options:
- more photo protector sleeves, with various pocket options
- two album options
- store cards in the journaling box or the medium organizer

For less than a $100 investment (Picture My Life Kit and an Album), you can begin cherishing your memories with family and friends instead of forgetting about them on a digital device. 

The only tools you potentially need to utilize the Project My Life collections are a paper trimmer (cut down photos), a corner rounder punch, and a pen for journaling.  If you want to add souvenirs to the cards, scissors and adhesive would be needed.  But really, the additions are up to you!!

Sooo, who's in?! There are no excuses, just crafting and creating!! And as your CTMH consultant, I am here to help you the entire way. :)

View everything on my website or contact me for an idea book/questions.

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