Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Day!!

Today is Small Business Day!! They say every $100 you spend, $68 goes back into the community. Shop for all of your Christmas🎄, birthday🎂, and paper crafting✂ needs! Gift certificates available too. Contact me with questions!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Join Close to My Heart!!

Joining Close to My Heart as an independent consultant has never been easier or more worth it!!  Whether you're looking for a new adventure to meet new people and make friends, to support your crafting habit, or start your own business, there is a home for you with Close to My Heart.

Signing up is ONLY $49!!  Your Essentials consultant kit is valued alone at approximately $155.  You get everything in the kit below to kick-start your CTMH journey.

For an additional $50 ($99 total), you can upgrade your Essentials consultant kit to the Master Consultant Kit, which includes everything in the Essentials kit plus more supplies and 5 Studio J layouts - approximately $335 in retail!

In addition to these amazing kits, when you join the Close To My Heart family from now to December 15 and submit qualifying personal sales*, you’ll receive a stunning new product, the Picture My Life™ scrapbooking program— FREE (retail value $24.95)! Select from eight darling themes, from vacation to friendship to childhood— each featuring 122 double-sided cards plus 10 unique Memory Protectors™ to capture it all. Picture it—then capture it!

Visit my website for all the information and videos about Close to My Heart, including one titled "Why Switch?"  Email me with any questions and I look forward to you joining my team - Hearts of Inspiration.

*Consultants must submit minimum qualifying personal sales of $300 by March 31, 2014.  Close To My Heart reserves the right to make substitutions based on product availability.  Free item available after January 1, 2014.

Monday, November 25, 2013

November Stamp of the Month - Illuminate

The November Stamp of the Month (SOTM) is Illuminate.  Buy it at full retail price for $17.95* or earn it at a discounted price of $5* with a $50 order, before tax and shipping.

This adorable stamp will only light up your life through November 30, 2013.  Visit my website to get your SOTM today!! 

 * - plus tax and S&H

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Retiring Products List

It's getting close to that time of year where products will be retiring to make way for all the new & exciting items that make their debut February 1st!

The list below contains the products that will not be available after January 31, 2014 OR while supplies last.  Don't miss out on getting more of your favorites or the things you've been holding out on ordering!  Shop now at:

To view this list, with pictures, click here:

  • Z4115 Memory Protector Value Pack-Clear(50)
  • BULK299 Black Pigment Pads
  • BULK300 Cocoa Pigment Pads
  • SJ5P2 US/CN Studio J 5-pack
  • W1104 Studio J 5-pack cards
  • Z1778 Treat Cups
  • Z1788 Chalkboard Shapes, Adhesive-backed
  • Z1777 Color-Ready Canvas Alphabet
  • Z1682 Dimensional Elements Alphabet                  
  • Z1735 Dimensional Elements Hearts
  • Z1654-79 Dimensional Elements Monograms "A-Z"
  • Z1680 Dimensional Elements Stars          
  • Z1779 Irresistibles™ Houndstooth Alphabet
  • X7165C For Always MyStickease® Assortment   
  • X7168C Surf's Up MyStickease® Assortment       
  • X7175C Frosted MyStickease® Assortment          
  • X7174C Huntington MyStickease® Assortment  
  • X7163C Chantilly Complements Dimensional Elements
  • X7169C Tommy Complements Canvas Shapes
  • Z1883 Base & Bling Floral Accents
  • Z1882 Base & Bling Word Accents
  • Z1707 Bitty Opaques Pearl Adhesive Gems
  • Z1706 Durables Round Studs
  • Z1705 Durables Square Studs
  • Z1775 Glamour  Glitter Alphabet
  • Z1744 Opaques Flourishes Pearl
  • Z1335 Opaques- Licorice
  • Z1333 Opaques- Mocha
  • Z1336 Opaques- Pearl
  • Z1776 Pixie Glitter Alphabet
  • Z1764 Just Blooms® Floret Paper Shapes              
  • Z1463 Just Blooms® Flutter Pape Shapes
  • Z1269 Filigree Brads
  • Z1905 Base & Bling Necklace Kit
  • Z1814 Chantilly Assortment
  • Z1811 For Always Assortment   
  • Z1890 Frosted Assortment
  • Z1881 Huntington Assortment
  • Z1841 Surf"s Up Assortment      
  • Z1824 Tommy Assortment
  • Z1786 Mini-Medley Accents Antiqued Gold Collection
  • Z1787 Mini-Medley Accents Slate Collection
  • Z1701 Baker's Twine Neutral Assortment
  • Z1781 Black Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Z1800 Colonial White Rosette Ribbon
  • Z1732 Color-Ready Seam Binding Ribbon
  • Z1617 Dark Chocolate Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Z282 HempBlack
  • Z280 HempTan
  • Z281 HempWhite
  • Z1802 Slate Satin Polkadot Ribbon
  • BULK252 Bulk Durables-Antiqed Gold
  • BULK253 Bulk Just Blooms- Crème Brulee
  • BULK314 Frosted Cardmaking Workshop Guide (10 pack)
  • BULK313 Frosted Scrapbook Workshop Guide    (10 pack)
  • BULK312 Huntington Scrapbook Workshop Guide (10 pack)
  • BULK286 Chantilly Guide
  • BULK288 For Always Guide
  • BULK292 Tommy Guide
  • BULK291 Surf's  Up Guide
  • BULK306 Frosted B&T Duos® Bulk Pack
  • BULK305 Huntington B&T Duos® Bulk Pack
  • BULK284 Surf's Up B&T Duos® Combo Pack
  • BULK283 Tommy B&T Duos® Combo Pack
  • BULK278 Chantilly B&T Duos Combo Pack
  • BULK280 For Always B&T Duos
  • Z1804 MyCreations® Cubby
  • Z1322 MyCreations Recipe Box                 
  • Z1746 MyCreations® Block
  • Z1737 MyCreations® Collage Cubes
  • Z1803 MyCreations® Star
  • Z1819 Chantilly  Textiles
  • Z1884 Sparkle & Shine Textiles
  • Z891 VersamarkInkPad
  • Z892 VersamarkReinker
  • Z1845 MyOriginals® Matchbook Card Kit
  • X8627 MyOriginals® Polar Pals Kit
  • Z1738 Colonial White Die-Cut Cards
  • X7163B Chantilly Paper Packet
  • X7165B For Always Paper Packet
  • X7175B Frosted Paper Packet
  • X7174B Huntington Paper Packet
  • X7168B Surf's Up Paper Packet
  • X7169B Tommy Paper Packet
  • Z1483 Bronze Glitz™ Glitter Gel
  • Z821 EmbPowderClearDetail
  • Z668 EmbPowderGold
  • Z669 EmbPowderSilver
  • Z1313 Glitz Glue Stardust                                                                             
  • Z308 LiquidAppliqueWhite
  • Z134 PrismaGlitter
  • Z1484 Red Glitz™ Glitter Gel
  • Z1482 Silver Glitz™ Glitter Gel
  • Z534 MicroTipScissors
  • Z555 CraftHeater
  • Z1091 FinishingFiles
  • Z1796 Rub-On Tool
  • Z1298 TextureTools
  • Z1769 Almond Glitz™ Glitter Gel               
  • Z1771 Green Glitz™ Glitter Gel  
  • Z1770 Pink Glitz™ Glitter Gel
  • G1053 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Chantilly Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1055 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)®For Always Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1058 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Tommy Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1059 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Surf's Up Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1064 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Laughing Lola Cardmaking Kit
  • G1063 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Frosted Cardmaking Kit
  • G1068 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Babycakes Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1070 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Frosted Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1069 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Huntington Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1065 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Laughing Lola Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1067 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® ProPlayer Scrapbooking Kit
  • G1066 Workshop on the Go (WOTG)® Sarita Scrapbooking Kit