Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sneak Peak Alert #1


Wow- what a day it has been! Close to My Heart's annual convention started today and we got our hands on the new Autumn/Winter idea book. And tonight I went to the Magic Kingdom!

There are a lot of new and amazing products -- can't wait to finish our create & take projects. 

I'm most excited about CTMH's 3rd Cricut Cartridge - Artbooking!!! Absolutely amazing - you'll love it (it will get its own post because it's THAT amazing!) $2.95 mini-stamp sets are being released, including a happy birthday, Christmas themed & I <3 you stamp. There is a new washi tape & glitter ribbon and paper!! Oh ok.. Who am I kidding?!?!! I'm excited about it all!!

There is also an extension to the home decor series: chicken wire and close-line display frames. Expect 6 "crush" books (CTMH's twist on smash books) and awesome new embellishments, like cork shapes (arrows & more), hexagon irrisistibles, and super cute mini-melody accents in rosewood, ruby & black. And you can't forget the new papers (6), compliments & stamp sets!!

CTMH is coming up on 30 years in 2014 and to celebrate Jeanette is releasing some of her original hand-drawn stamps in acrylic form!! Jeanette's Stamp Archive collection will only be available for a limited time and range from $6.95-$9.95 each.

The brand new CTMH line is "Base & Bling" wearable crafting projects.  Make a fashion statement by creating your own necklace, cuff, hair clips, rings or headband. The great thing about the jewels for these are that they are NOT limited to this line!! They are perfect for any project!  All $4.95 or $5.95. Plus 2 new textiles to use for whatever your heart desires & a Fashion Necklace Kit ($14.95).

For you hostesses, there are also stamp sets ONLY available for you too. A washi tape themed D-size set just to name one!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the projects showcased today (made by Diana V. & Sheri R.) and materials we got.

Contact me or my website if you would like to be part of my team - Hearts of Inspiration - and be able to attend convention next year, earn a discount on products & start your own CTMH journey. Be sure to get your favorites of current products too - they retire at the end of July (or while supplies last).  Visit my website to place an order:

Keep checking back for more pictures & info!  I will continue to post more about all new and wonderful products and show samples of what we've made in class. Just wait until you get the idea book in your hands!! (Need one? LMK!) ok off to bed!! 

night zzzzz....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I arrived in Orlando, Florida today for Close to My Heart's annual convention!! The theme is "Viva" & we are at the Coronado Springs Resort.

It's an exciting time- not only do I get to see and hang out with all of my friends, but CTMH will reveal the new products for the Autumn/Winter Idea Book!! Plus it's at Disney World!! CTMH even got us a Twilight ticket to go to one of the parks! Yippee!!

So what happens at convention? Well, a ton of consultants across the US and Canada get together to celebrate accomplishments for the year, learn about the new products, receive {a LOT} of the new products & get to create projects with them, get inspired by the CTMH team & guest speaker, and listen about the direction of the business. Plus there is a ton of fun!!! Swaps, creative sessions, contests, team meetings, and more.

CTMH is such a wonderful company to be a part of, not only for their creative & strategic direction but also their gratitude. We are one big family. The talented team, lead by CEO & founder - Jeanette Lynton - just keeps wowing us!

This will be my third convention and the anticipation is almost unbearable!! CTMH has never disappointed and that's why I fell in love with their products and wanted to be a consultant {a girl has to support her habit, right?!}.  Here is what I made for my roomie gifts:

Does this event sound like something you would want to attend?! For $49, you get the Consultant Kit; that's a value of over $130 worth of product!!  With the help of myself and the tools offered by CTMH, you can become a successful consultant or in-the-know hobbiest. It's what YOU make of it - be your own boss, earn extra money, purchase discounted products, make life long friends, grow and be inspired with your crafting!

LMK if you have any questions. Visit my website: for all the info (on the Opportunities tab) & to sign up as my downline. You could join us at next year's convention or other events, such as Album Retreat!

Add me as a friend on Facebook ( to follow my posts about all of the exciting product reveals and announcements. If you're on Instagram, search #vivaCTMH to see all the convention pictures from myself, CTMH & the other consultants.