Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I arrived in Orlando, Florida today for Close to My Heart's annual convention!! The theme is "Viva" & we are at the Coronado Springs Resort.

It's an exciting time- not only do I get to see and hang out with all of my friends, but CTMH will reveal the new products for the Autumn/Winter Idea Book!! Plus it's at Disney World!! CTMH even got us a Twilight ticket to go to one of the parks! Yippee!!

So what happens at convention? Well, a ton of consultants across the US and Canada get together to celebrate accomplishments for the year, learn about the new products, receive {a LOT} of the new products & get to create projects with them, get inspired by the CTMH team & guest speaker, and listen about the direction of the business. Plus there is a ton of fun!!! Swaps, creative sessions, contests, team meetings, and more.

CTMH is such a wonderful company to be a part of, not only for their creative & strategic direction but also their gratitude. We are one big family. The talented team, lead by CEO & founder - Jeanette Lynton - just keeps wowing us!

This will be my third convention and the anticipation is almost unbearable!! CTMH has never disappointed and that's why I fell in love with their products and wanted to be a consultant {a girl has to support her habit, right?!}.  Here is what I made for my roomie gifts:

Does this event sound like something you would want to attend?! For $49, you get the Consultant Kit; that's a value of over $130 worth of product!!  With the help of myself and the tools offered by CTMH, you can become a successful consultant or in-the-know hobbiest. It's what YOU make of it - be your own boss, earn extra money, purchase discounted products, make life long friends, grow and be inspired with your crafting!

LMK if you have any questions. Visit my website: for all the info (on the Opportunities tab) & to sign up as my downline. You could join us at next year's convention or other events, such as Album Retreat!

Add me as a friend on Facebook ( to follow my posts about all of the exciting product reveals and announcements. If you're on Instagram, search #vivaCTMH to see all the convention pictures from myself, CTMH & the other consultants.

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