Friday, July 29, 2016

Celebrating 10 Years with CTMH

August marks my 10 year anniversary with Close to My Heart!! Wow, how time flies when you're having fun.  It's been an amazing decade and I wanted to share 10 reasons, in no particular order, why I LOVE CTMH & what I do.

10 years!! Celebrating in Orlando at the 2016 Annual Convention

#1 -- traveling to all the inspiring, educating, & motivating CTMH events!
Disney World - Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL, June 2016

I have now gone to:
  • 6 conventions, including Disneyland, Disney World & Dallas
  • 4 Album Retreats, which are exclusive for consultants only (corporate spoils us as we create a 20 page album in a weekend!)
  • other fun team, training, and regional events
These are totally worth it, not only for the product and the project we get to create, but the networking, relationship building, and educational aspects!!

#2 -- My CTMH Sisters

The friendships I have made over the years, not only with my CTMH sisters, but my local scrappers, are beyond priceless.  They (YOU) are my reason for still doing what I do.

#3 -- The high quality, amazing, and versatile product lines

Hands-down the best product I've come across. I'm so utterly happy with CTMH, I rarely buy anything else.  I only own a Disney specific Cricut cartridge because I don't need any others beyond the CTMH collections.  The papers are versatile and support all my needs.  Unless it is something very specific I need, CTMH is my happy place. #lovethesmellofnewpaper

#4 -- supporting my habit

I joined CTMH to support my habit. Falling in love with the products, I needed more!!! FULL ACCESS hahahaha.  I get the inside scoop on all the upcoming promotions, limited-edition products, and a 22% discount / commission.  

#5 -- My team - Hearts of Inspiration

Over the years, I've had the wonderful honor of being the upline to a handful of girls who love scrappin' too.  It's great getting to know them more & sharing our passion for crafting.

#6 -- My BESTIES!!!

I've been very fortunate to meet my besties over the last ten years.  They're my sidekicks, a shoulder to lean on, the kick in the pants I need, the peeps I share my ups & downs with, and simply just my besties.  I love them and so glad we are part of each other's lives.

#7 -- finding Sticky Boy
I found another one!!! Orlando, FL - June 2016

Yup, I'm a total nerd.  Sticky Boy is Jeanette's first stamp she ever created and we can only find him at convention.  It's a fun tradition to go hunting for Sticky Boy. This year, he found Sticky Girl. :)

#8 -- creating and scrapbooking my memories

It feels me with joy and pride to see a project come together. Capturing my trips, memories and the people in my life is my creative outlet. :)  I especially love watching people look through my scrapbooks.

#9 -- being the 1 of 4 "DENISE" consultants

My bestie Jen took me on the 2015-16 CTMH Incentive Trip to the Caribbean. During that trip, me and the other Denise's realized we were all together and there are only 4 of us as consultants. Thus, the fun photo above. :)  We like being unique and having fun ties like this.  You'll find there are many more within the CTMH family.  Roomie gifts, fun team-specific things, recognition, etc. What can I say?!? We are a fun group of gals!

#10 -- making a difference in the lives of children, through Operation Smile

The other cool thing I love about being a consultant is that Close to My Heart supports Operation Smile.  It takes $240 to change a child's life and get their smile burning bright.  A portion of each My Acrylix stamp goes to Operation Smile, as well as any donations (round up those orders!!) & purchases of the Operation Smile featured stamp set or logo wear.  I'll have to share some of the videos I've shared on my Facebook page on here.  #bringonthetissues #bringonthesmiles

THANK YOU for making these 10 years awesome.
From the bottom of my heart, I have enjoyed your company, appreciate your support, and love to inspire you.  I know I have not always been able to be consistent (in creating or leadership) for various things, and again, thank you for hanging in there with me.  It has been fulfilling to have grown so much creatively, personally, and as a consultant.  Close to My Heart simply rocks in how they support us, create for and inspire us, and strive to continue leading the way in the papercrafting industry & I'm so glad I found them.  My life has been enriched ten fold over these past 10 years & am looking forward to many more!!

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