Friday, May 10, 2013

Here's the Buzzzzzz

I get a lot of my inspiration from color combinations, papers, stamps, and other people's projects.  Something about how I see things just sparks something in my brain and I can see the creative path or the end destination.  Even going through the creative process, my vision will change and grow.  I love it when I get into grooves like this!  For those sports peeps out there, I consider it to be the equivalent of "being in the zone."

One of my latest creative inspirations, that I actually followed through with and remembered (gotta love my iPhone and photos!), was a layout Karen Pedersen, a fellow CTMH consultant, created.  Her April Play Group Scrappin' Class featured one of the new papers from the 2013 Spring/Summer Idea Book - Buzz & Bumble and I fell in love with the paper and layout!

This is one of those papers that grows on you - it wasn't one of the new papers that I was instantly inspired by or drawn to; it was cute and had potential, but my creative visual brain wasn't feeling it.  As more people, including Karen, posted projects using Buzz & Bumble, I began to drink the honey.  I made sure to order the paper prior to attending Stamp Camp in mid-April so I could try to recreate Karen's layout.

At camp, I got the core of the layout done and then finished it last weekend; it was then that my vision changed.  I'm glad I didn't "finish" it at Stamp Camp because the layout probably wouldn't have ended up the way it is.  My creative path swerved and had me add a twist to the embellishments and titles, making this layout a bit different from Karen's.  Here it my finished project:

I'm so happy with this layout and that I got pictures on it to boot!  My group of scrappers is now inspired to use this paper for their camping trips and outdoor adventures with their families and friends.  The patterns are very earthy and warm and I hope I put a bit of a buzzzzz in your ear to get this paper

Definitely utilize the talents and creative visions of others for your projects - duplicate or add your own unique creativity to it!  Odds are you will probably like it and complete it (if you're like me!).  Thanks again to Karen Pedersen for inspiring me!!

Who's inspired you lately? :)

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  1. I'm so honored! Your layout turned out just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks again Karen! Keep the inspiration coming!! hehe